42 Rules of Product Management

A Collection Of Product Management Wisdom From Forty Experts From Around The World

42 Rules of Product Management is a collection of product management wisdom from forty experts from around the world. With over five hundred years of combined hands-on product management and product marketing experience, the authors each shares one rule that they think is critical to know to succeed in product management. Whether you are a seasoned and experienced product manager or are just starting out, “42 Rules of Product Management” will help you lead with greater effectiveness and influence. read more >


Lean Product Management

Achieving Optimal Product-Market Fit in Record Time with Fewer Resources

My mission is help product managers become 100% more effective. Lean Product Management one part of the solution. This new book approaches product management through the lens of Lean, Agile, and the Theory of Constraints. The book details an alternative product management framework that focuses one simple idea: Optimizing product-market fit in less time with fewer resources. read more >