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Resources and Templates for Book Readers Only!

A Guide To Creating Winning Products With Agile Development Teams


  • A full size version of the Agile Product Management Framework for printing
  • Fully functioning Prioritization Matrix to gain alignment on product priorities
  • Product Requirements Checklist
  • Problem Solving Templates (A3 style)
  • Bonus Articles

To access this valuable content, look in the “Additional Resources” appendix of your copy of Agile Excellence for Product Managers for the user name and password.


Not a reader, you can still Join the LeanPM Yahoo! Group

Leanpm – This is a NEW discussion group for product managers to discuss new approaches to product management and is the group for Agile-Excellence readers. It is not for general announcements. But I will work to post discussions to this group as well as new articles.

For Book Readers ONLY!