1. 280 Group – the most comprehensive set of FREE Product Management templates. The site also has a broad selection of low cost toolkits as well. Sign-up for the newsletter while you are there.
  2. ProductBytes – Run by Rich Mironov, this site has a number of free templates and useful information plus a great newsletter.
  3. Venture Design Templates – Run by Alex Cowan, this site offers online workshops, tutorials, and templates for product design and new venture creation.

Yahoo! Groups

  1. Leanpm – This is a NEW discussion group for product managers to discuss new approaches to product management and is the group for Agile-Excellence readers. It is not for announcements.
  2. 280 Group LinkedIn Group (ok, this is not a Yahoo! group, but it is very active PM discussion group)
  3. agile-usability
  4. extremeprogramming
  5. kanbandev
  6. leanagile
  7. scrumdevelopment

There is no shortage of good Yahoo! groups. The ones above are some that I follow regularly. There are also a number of product management groups. They tend to mostly be for announcements and very little discussion. The groups are usually connected to a local PMA (product management associations.) The 280 Group maintains a good list.

Product Management Associations

There are a number of PM associations around the world. Many function purely as discussion groups. I have chosen to highlight the most active associations that have their own web presence.

  1. AIPMM – Association of International Product Marketing and Management
  2. BPMA – Boston Product Management Association
  3. SVPMA – Silicon Valley Product Management Association
  4. TPMA – Toronto Product Management Association

Agile/Lean Web Sites

  1. Agile Alliance
  2. Lean Enterprise Institute
  3. LimitedWIP Society
  4. Mountain Goat Software (Mike Cohn) | Presentations | Articles | Blog
  5. Scrum Alliance
  7. | Agile Tutorial | Lean/Startup Tutorial


I blog on Product Management 2.0 by the 280 Group. Below are links to some agile and leanposts:

Product Management and Product Marketing

  1. April Dunforf, Rocketwatcher
  2. Brainmates, Brainrants
  3. Brian Lawley, Product Management 2.0
  4. Ethan Henry, On Product Management
  5. Ivan Chalif, The Productologist
  6. Ivan Lybbert, My Product Management Opinion
  7. Jeff Lash, How to Be a Good Product Manager
  8. Rich Mironov, Product Bytes
  9. Michael Ray Hopkin, Lead on Purpose
  10. Tom Grant, The Heretech
  11. Two West, The Brand Show


  1. Corey Ladas, Lean Software Engineering
  2. Karl Scotland, AvailAgility
  3. Mike Cohn, Succeeding with Agile
  4. Rally Software, Agile Development Blog
  5. Ryan Shriver, The Agile Engineer


  1. Jared Spool, UIE Brain Sparks
  2. Jeff Patton, Holistic Product Design & Development


I still believe books are one of the most economical and easily accessible formats for deep learning. Listed below are number of books that have influenced my thinking in my career. Please note that some of these books are out of print, but you can usually find a used copy in excellent condition at a great price.

Product Management and Marketing Books

Expert PM Cover

by Brian Lawley

Phenomenal PM Cover

by Brian Lawley

Software PM Essentials Cover

by Alyssa Dver

Art of PM Cover

by Rich Mironov

Inspired Cover

by Marty Cagan

PM Desk Reference Cover

by Steven Haines

Dealing with Darwin Cover

by Geoffrey A. Moore

Chasm Companion Cover

by Paul Wiefels

Corssing Chasm Cover

by Geoffrey A. Moore

Positioning Cover

by Al Ries and Jack Trout

22 Immutable Laws Cover

by Al Ries and Jack Trout

The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing

by Thomas T. Nagle and John E. Hogan

Design and Customer Research Books

Rapid Contextual Design Cover

by Karen Holzblatt, Jessamyn Burns Wendell, and Shelley Wood

Voices into Choices Cover

by Christina H. Brodie and Gary Burchill

Software for Use Cover

by Larry L. Constantine and Lucy A. D. Lockwood

Don't Make Me Think Cover

by Steve Krug

User Interface Design Cover

by Joel Spolsky

Innovation Games Cover

by Luke Hohman

Agile (excluding Lean) Software Development Books

Agile Development with Scrum Cover

by Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle

ExtremeProgramming Explained Cover

by Kent Beck with Cynthia Andres

ScrumGuide Cover

FREE Download by Ken Schwaber

AgilePM with Scrum Cover

by Roman Pichler

Succeeding with Agile Cover

by Mike Cohn

User Stories Applied Cover

by Mike Cohn

Wicked Problems Cover

by Peter DeGrace and Leslie Hulet Stahl

Lean Books

Lean-Agile Cover

by Alan Shalloway, Guy Beaver, and James R. Trott

Lean Software Development

by Mary and Tom Poppendieck

Software by Numbers Cover

by Mark Denne and Jane Cleland-Huang

Getting Right Things Done Cover

by Pascal Dennis

Lean Thinking Cover

by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones

Principles of Prod Dev Flow Cover

by Donald G. Reinertsen

General Software Development Books

Mythical Man Month Cover

by Frederick P. Brooks

Slack Cover

by Tom DeMarco

Waltzing with Bears Cover

Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister

General Management and Strategy

Confronting Reality Cover

by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan

Execution Cover

by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan

Five Dysfunctions Cover

by Patrick Lencioni

Good to Great Cover

by Jim Collins

Innovators Dilemma Cover

by Clayton M. Christensen