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Product Team Acceleration

Product Team AccelerationWhether you are looking to achieve the next level of performance or fix deep rooted problems that are leading to delays and missed opportunities, Agile Excellence’s Acceleration services can get you there. We offer organizational consulting to improve productivity and performance of your product teams. Product Acceleration methods go far beyond what is covered in the book. Our mission is for your product teams to learn how to Create Winning Product in Half the Time™. It is a bold goal and we are committed to getting you there.

Acceleration services are delivered in a three stage process:

1. Assessment

We start with an assessment of your current team structure, process, objectives, and challenges. We will interview key members of your product team (product managers, product marketers, Development, User Experience, QA, etc.) and members from departments that interface with the product team including support, clients services, professional services, IT, operations, and sales. When and where appropriate, customer interviews may also be requested. We will present the assessment with recommendations. The discussion and feedback from the presentation will be incorporated into a final assessment documentation. The recommendations will cover as appropriate organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, skills gaps, decision making, product process, and performance targets.


We provide full implementation services to assist your transformation to a world class product organization. This includes:

  • Customized training on the entire product process or specialized areas such as roadmapping or Agile adoption.
  • Product process design including customized templates and flows
  • Rollout of the new process across the organization, including “train the trainers” sessions for large organizations.

3. Coaching

Coaching services ensure the team is able achieve and sustain high level of performance. Agile Excellence assists in goal setting based on the performance targets identified in the assessment and then we work with the team to keep its members focused and motivated. Further, these services provide the wisdom and expertise to shortcut learning, ingrain new habits and skills, improve performance, and accelerate results.

Stand Alone Coaching Services

Coaching engagements for teams and individuals are usually part of an assessment and implementation package but can also be delivered on a standalone basis. If separate, the engagement starts with a two hour situation assessment to discuss challenges and set goals, followed on a separate day by a two hour planning meeting to evaluate strategies, the action plan, measurements, and implementation ideas. Once the plan is in place, there is a one hour bi-weekly status call to discuss progress against goals, obstacles encountered, and adjustments to the plan. The calls also cover review of work, if appropriate, and strategy options for overcoming impediments. Coaching also includes unlimited email and phone support. Typical engagements run six months with monthly renewals. When it is an extension to training or consulting services, coaching is handled on a month to month or quarterly basis.

Product Lifecycle Services

Product Lifecycle Services
We also offer full product management and product marketing services for all areas of the product lifecycle. This includes consultants, acting VPs or Directors of Product Management, and interim contractors for individual contributor roles. When desired, we will work closely with one or more members on your team so they can learn the skills necessary to use on an ongoing basis.

Product Management

Product management services encompass what we call listening or “inbound” activities. The focus is on understanding customers and markets, indentifying problems that customers will pay to solve, and working with development to create the solution.

Product Marketing

Product marketing services cover what we call broadcasting or “outbound” activities. We use broadcast to mean telling the world about your story which includes one on one marketing and community development.

Product Lifecycle Services are delivered through the 280 Group. Click here to learn more.