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Corporate Training

TrainingAgile Excellence for Product Managers is a one day, live training class for product managers that teaches the necessary practices for working in an Agile environment. The course covers multiple Agile development methods (Scrum, XP and Lean) and is focused on practical application to make participants more effective the moment they return to their desks. The course prepares participants for the industry standard AIPMM Agile Certified Product Manager (ACPM©) exam. A testing time may be scheduled upon completion of the course.

If you or your team are new to Agile or struggling with adjusting to working with an Agile development team, you will learn how Agile is going to make your life easier, how the development team now builds software, and how to adjust your work to support your team and achieve Agile Excellence.

Participants will learn how to:

1. Accelerate time to market for their products
2. Manage risk and adapt to emerging requirements at an entirely new level of effectiveness
3. Amplify market learning through shorter feedback loops
4. Structure one’s time across multiple iterations or Sprints
5. Collaborate and communicate with stakeholders
6. Plan, manage, and track an Agile release
7. Prioritize features
8. Create and maintain a product backlog
9. Convey requirements as user stories with acceptance tests
10. Organize for success including large projects and distributed teams
and more!

The course covers nine sections:

  • Why Agile is good for Product Management
  • A look at Scrum
  • Release management
  • Release planning
  • Documentation
  • Organizing around Agile
  • Starting out
  • XP and Lean
  • Wrap-up
Learn the theory, practice, and tools to unleash your team’s potential and deliver winning products to market in record time.
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Agile Certified Product Manager (ACPM©) Self-Study Course

AIPMMIf you want the convenience of learning on your schedule and your own pace, try the online version of the course. The ACPM Self-Study Course is an instant electronic download that includes a nine part narrated training presentation, study guide, practice exam and two chances to take the industry standard AIPMM Agile Product Management Certification exam (a $395 value). The course is delivered through the 280 Group. Click here to learn more.

Public Training

We offer public trainings throughout the world directly and through our partner network.

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