Lean Product Management

Achieving Optimal Product-Market Fit in Record Time with Fewer Resources

My mission is help product managers become 100% more effective. Lean Product Management one part of the solution. This new book approaches product management through the lens of Lean, Agile, and the Theory of Constraints. The book details an alternative product management framework that focuses one simple idea: Optimizing product-market fit in less time with fewer resources.

The book covers:

1. What is Lean Product Management
2. The four basic Product-Market Fit Challenges
3. Lean Product Management Model
4. Principles
5. Practices
6. Skills and Knowledge areas
7. Measures

The book is intended to be a call to action to the product management community to embrace the need for continuous improvement in the product management process. It is also designed to challenge your thinking.

Advanced reader copies are traditionally provided to a limited audience. With Lean Product Management, we felt it was important to get a broader base of feedback, and who better to approach than the talented product managers in the 280 Group community.

Approach the ideas in this book with the open mind of a child and then again with the skepticism of an elder. Be vocal. Let us know what resonates with your experience, what we left out, and what would not work in your environment. We also want to hear about your own experiences and challenges with implementing Lean Product Management practices. Please share your stories so the community can learn and advance the state of our profession. We look forward to your feedback over the coming months and addressing those issues in the final version of the book.

Comments for the community and for discussion can be posted on this page on the 280 Group blog.

Comments you would prefer to deliver in private can be sent directly to greg(at)280group.com.

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