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Agile Excellence LLC is a boutique product management consulting firm focused on connecting the latest thinking in new product development and strategy to product management theory and practice.


We teach teams how to leverage innovations in

  • processes for working and organizing such as Scrum,

  • technology such as cloud computing, and

  • framing the world such as design thinking and Lean theory.

Our goal is to accelerate product management. We prepare teams with the skills to achieve product-market fit in record time while creating durable differentiation in the marketplace. We do not believe in a status quo which is why we also teach teams not just skills but the mindsets to continually improve their practices.

The world is moving fast. In addition to mastering the basics, teams need to learn how to learn and improve every day. We can get you there!


Greg Cohen, Founder of Agile Excellence LLC.

Greg is a 20-year Product Management veteran with extensive experience in understanding customer needs and collaborating with development to create market-driven products. He is an expert and strong advocate of customer centric design, agile development, and a pioneer in applying Lean methods to product management.

He has worked and consulted to venture start-ups and large companies alike, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, data analytics, and medical diagnostics and devices. Companies include Cisco, Computer Associates, Dell, Experian, ideaLab!, Instill, Kaiser, Mako Surgical, Pandesic, People Fluent, SunTrust, and

Greg is the author of the books Strategy Excellence for Product Managers, Lean Product Management, Agile Excellence for Product Managers and 42 Rules of Product Management, the former president of the Silicon Valley Product Management Association, as well as a speaker and frequent commentator on product management issues.

Greg earned an MBA with honor from Babson College and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with second major in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University.

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