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We offer a focused set of workshops to accelerate product management success.

The workshops address the high leverage activities that team members need to do and master yet often neglect as they struggle to keep up with the day-to-day requirements of the product management role. Our workshops follow our
5-step process to maximize learning outcomes. This includes:

Understand your learning goals

Customize the workshop to your team’s needs and product context

“Learn by doing” – our workshops are seriously hands-on

Post workshop coaching ensures concepts get applied in practice

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Lean Product Management System

The fastest path from insight to value

We define Lean as a disciplined approach to product management that focuses on shortening the time from opportunity identification to value creation for customers and your business. The goal of this workshop is to give your team the skills to accelerate the release of new products while simultaneously reducing risk.

Our Lean Product Management System™, pioneered over many years, draws on Lean theory, the Theory of Constraints, Agile and Lean software development, empirical process control, and, most importantly, sound product management principles. It focuses product teams on uncovering and systematically addressing the highest areas of uncertainty and risk in their product plans.  Teams learn how to quickly and iteratively validate opportunities and prioritize getting a minimum viable product into customers’ hands as early as possible to accelerate learning and value capture.

This private workshop provides attendees:
  • Seven guiding principles with a framework, methods, and techniques that enable teams to develop a Lean mindset.

  • A way of thinking that can be applied to any product management challenge across your organization.

  • A foundation that will allow your team to continuously grow and improve their practices by incorporating and developing additional methods.  

  • Hands-on experience using the methods and techniques with their own product opportunities, so all learning is in context.

  • Post workshop coaching to ensure the successful application of Lean practices.

Although the lessons taught are universal, the workshop is targeted towards product organizations that need to manage existing products in the marketplace while also driving growth with innovative, new offerings.  We recognize the complexity of this challenge and how great visions get derailed by the urgent needs of today’s business.  Part of this workshop is helping your team know how to organize for success as well as frame choices so smart tradeoffs are made.

about Lean Product Management System


Strategic Roadmapping

Setting the stage for sustained success
Strategic Roadmapping

about Strategic Roadmapping

Strategic roadmapping is a two-day workshop for the product management team and key stakeholders to align around a three-year view of the product. Unlike typical, shorter feature roadmaps, a strategic roadmap is linked to the external market and answers ‘why’ and ‘why now’ for each release or time period.

In strategic roadmapping, the process is as important as the output. Unlike with vision and even product strategy, roadmapping explicitly addresses resource constraints. Teams have to make tough tradeoffs as they prioritize the most important strategic objectives that the product needs to support. 

At the end of the workshop, the team will have produced a three-year roadmap and developed the skills and know-how to conduct future sessions to maintain the roadmap moving forward.


Product Strategy Excellence

Creating Winning Product Strategies in Dynamic Markets

Product Strategy Excellence is a two-day workshop for the team to develop  i) a strategic mindset, ii) a model of the market and competitive landscape, and iii) a basic product strategy.  During the workshop, participants will:

  • learn the five inputs to strategy
  • analyze competitors’ strategies
  • map their markets
  • evaluate growth opportunities
  • identify areas of strategic advantage
Product Strategy Excellence

This workshop requires further post-workshop engagement for participants to further refine the strategy into a truly defensible plan that can be maintained, measured and tracked against.

about Product Strategy Excellence



Brainstorm Ideas, Refine the Best, and Create a Validation Plan

Innovation is a two-day workshop that steps a cross-functional team through a structured brainstorming and refinement process.

The team exits the workshop with one to five product ideas and a plan of action to rapidly validate them.  The agenda is customized to the client’s situation and starting point, and the activities are varied to keep energy and ideas flowing.  The workshop is designed to ensure all voices are heard and maximize everyone’s buy-in to the results of the two days.     

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Other Services

Key Notes and Talks

I speak on a number of topics from Lean Product Management, Product Strategy, Strategic Roadmapping, Prioritization, Agile development, Secrets to Product Ownership success, Product Backlogs, Roadmapping, Innovation, and more.

Agile Excellence for Product Managers and Product Owners Training with AIPMM Certification

This two-day course teaches students the foundations of Agile and how a Product Manager and Product Owner should interact with each other and engineering teams. The training covers all of the content found in Product Owner certification training courses plus Agile Product Management and team leadership skills. Students will learn the skills needed to succeed with any flavor of Agile: Scrum, XP, Kanban, Lean and Hybrid Agile processes.  This course is available through the 280 Group.  Click here to learn more.

Conteneo Platform Services

Conteneo is a powerful, online collaboration platform.  It allows distributed teams to engage and work closely together, solving problems, and developing shared understanding. We use both our proprietary frameworks as well as the many out of the box frameworks Conteneo provides.

I should also mention Conteneo is equally powerful to engage distributed customers for research.   

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